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Agreed, however, I will say I do hope somehow that Velvia and Provia survive, I am drawn to their over saturation. I love them for long exposure sky work. If the Ferrania stuff is sort of muted, I might be a little disappointed, or if its very mucky grain, but I think with todays technology even a smaller plant could produce some nice stuff. Though now that I'm in the LF world, I think the most impressive thing is to sell a print with a massive 4x5 sheet, massive not to LF guys it's "small" but to most people, seeing a 4x5 transparency on a light box just blows their mind.
You can increase saturation of slide film (this is true of E-6 as well as it was of Kodachrome) with slight underexposure. By "slight" I mean 1/3 to 1/2 stop.If you go beyond 1 stop then it's just plain underexposed (unless the underexposed look is what you're going for).