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Wow. Unfortunately (or thankfully?) I'm not into 70mm yet, although I seem to be trying everything around the shop lately.
It's this kind of news and support that restores my faith in the film industry, and is one day going to make me hit the 'buy' button on a wacky old folder (or they make 70mm backs for hassies, right?)...
Yes they make a 70mm back for the hassie, I have one for my Mamiya, but it's the same for the Hassie, actually the Hassie is smaller, I used to own one thinking I would switch, and then never did haha, so I traded the Hassleblad 70mm back for 4 rolls of 70mm tech pan... yup, that was a GOOD TRADE

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Which films and which prices?
Why cant Ilford take orders from single persons? At least if they dont live in the usa. In europe.
I'm not sure what you're asking, this is specifically 70mm Double Perf and 70mm Non-Perf, it was only offered in HP5+ You'll have to call freestyle or rather email now for the exact price but it's roughly $130 for the non-perf and $180 for the double perf and that's 50 foot cans.

Sorry if I wasn't clear since I kind of assumed anyone reading this would have already known about the ULF run and the films available. My Apologies.