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I just emailed them before seeing your post on the second page. $180 for 50' is more than twice the market price for 120 so I doubt I'd be buying any.
Polyglot, you knew the price before and you said the same thing in another thread about it being too much like a month ago haha, or I think that was you... not like the price suddenly went down.

Better to be able to use your camera back than not, plus it can be used for 116/616 also and that you can't get fresh. All the other 70mm stock left is kinda old... I haven't seen any that I haven't had to mess with a lot to get to expose decently.

I get what you mean if you compare it, but hey, it's available, and guaranteed, couldn't hurt to get a roll, if you have or want a 70mm 6x12 back for a graflock, it saves a LOT of changing rolls when you only get 3-4 images per roll haha.

Anyway, I hope you decide to grab one at least.