The Old AnscoChrome - GAF film was based on the AGFA technology, rather then the Ektachrome technology. They had their own processing chemicals. so the Storage life was different.

I do recall a 500ASA version.

Ferrania -3M film was mostly sold in the private label market. It is intriguing that they claim ot have the equipment to make 127, as EFKE seems to have been the ultimate supplier for many of the 127 films sold in the last while. Somewhere I still have some Dynapan spools from my early pre-high school attempts at film developing. (They are unique as the centre is shiny metal, but the metal flanges are black. 127 was also the "superSlide format, but Slide film has not been available in that size for ages.

Perhaps they could earn their way to bootstrap there systems by converting other make film to 127, 126 and 110. {that does fit in with the rumours of a lomography connection to this while plan}

I will not hold my breath of course, but will cross my fingers.