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This film was sold to Freestyle by Kodak prior to Kodak going into chapter 11.
Itīs for sure a good deal today. But will it keep film allive for long if costs for the materials, labour and energy are higher than the end users price?
Companies need to make a profit. For some reason I am under the impression that photographers in general deny this to film producing companies. They are all bust by now except for Fuji. Do you really think you made them to rhich?

I use the best film for the job, not the cheapest. Sure, I shoot that Arista Tri-X because if I didn't I'd shoot Tri-X and it's the same. But if I want Delta 3200, I shoot Delta 3200, not the cheapest film I can find. I like your MCC 110 paper and use it. It isn't cheap - there are quite a few less expensive papers on the market but the difference is pretty small given my limited time for my hobby, and the difference in results is much larger than the difference in price.

If you make a superior product (in whatever way sets it apart) and price it for a reasonable profit, people will buy it unless it's way out of the zone of the competition. I doubt I'd use any 400 speed black and white film that cost, for example, $20 a roll, no matter how superior, when I can get TMY-2 or Tri-X or HP5+ for 1/5th to 1/4th that. But I said I would pay $20 a roll for some good infrared film that was like old HIE, for example - not a lot of rolls a year, but I'd buy some. And I'm buying some Provia 400X at nearly $16 a roll while I still can, because it's great film soon to be gone and nothing else like it.