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The C35 has no manual exposure mode. On the others, like the Hi-Matic and the QL-17, manual exposure mode is un-metered. The biggest problem with all of these is finding a working version where the battery wire was not eaten by corrosion or meter mechanics not gummy from disuse. These bodies also tended to use extensive foam in the back seals which are a PITA to replace. If cleaned, the 35RC viewfinder is amazingly bright. Ricoh had some models that are very similar to the 35RC: the 500G/GX/ME/RF series. These were also sold by Sears as the Sears RF. These are typically quite a bit less expensive than a 35RC but perform similarly.
While it's true that there aren't many (any?) fixed-lens rangefinders with coupled meters in manual, the other concerns here have been, in my experience, non issues. 2 Canonets (a QL17 and QL19, both G-III), a Yashica 35G, and an Olympus 35SP have all had accurate, functioning meters, clean, aligned rangefinders, and serviceable, if aging seals. To that point, I've replaced seals on a canonet and a Yashica, and while they took a measure of manual dexterity, I wouldn't call any portion of the process a PITA by any means.

Not at all saying that user maderik is wrong, but that my subjective experience with these cameras has been significantly different from his/hers.

It's also worth noting that the Oly 35SP does, strictly speaking, have metered manual...though it's not a coupled meter, which largely nullifies the benefits one imagines enjoying with metered manual mode. Basically, the meter moves a needle to an EV value in the viewfinder, then you adjust the aperture and shutter to match that EV on the lens, and you're at the proper exposure.