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This film was sold to Freestyle by Kodak prior to Kodak going into chapter 11.
It´s for sure a good deal today. But will it keep film allive for long if costs for the materials, labour and energy are higher than the end users price?
Companies need to make a profit. For some reason I am under the impression that photographers in general deny this to film producing companies. They are all bust by now except for Fuji. Do you really think you made them to rhich?

Just for the record, not everyone thinks like that. I understand completely the need to charge an amount that will cover costs AND supply sufficient profit to make it all worthwhile.

Sadly, most film consumers are still stuck in the old mindset that price is king and the customer always comes first. This is no longer the case. Manufacturers and customers now exist in something like a symbiotic relationship where both sides must give something in order to get something.

I wish more film buyers would realize this and be more willing to spend realistic money for their film. Film photography should be important enough for photographers to give up something else in their lives in order to be able to pay fairly for the film, paper and chemistry they want. In doing so they would also help assure the future availability of these products.

It's not very hard to price a company out of existence these days by demanding cheaper and cheaper products. Do that and in the end everybody will lose.