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Quite true. I suspect there are at least some die hard analog users like me who have their limits. It can't all be about analog for the sake of analog regardless of quality. For B&W too. Kodak makes great stuff. Ilford makes great stuff. As a B&W shooter, realistically, if they disappear, I doubt I'll be able to continue. And if Ilford were to go into colour materials on any scale I think it would spell the end for Ilford B&W (and colour). Sorry but we're talking about analog photography in a digital world, so yes the glass is half empty. Sorry to be a downer, Ken N., but how many analog people print colour?
It's heresy but one reason I've not gotten back into color printing was that I never enjoyed it as much as black and white printing. I like making color images well enough, but I just don't enjoy the process itself that much, unlike black and white. I'm often tempted to just go digital for color anyway.

OTOH, in black and white it's really the process I'm in love with. If I could get nothing else I'd still do black and white with Foma and Orwo, for example, or coat my own large format film/plates. Heck, I really love the wet plates I've seen and want to do that some day anyway, even if conventional materials are still available. Plus the process is just so retro cool.