I buy what I like - and Agfa was *always* more expensive (and a hell of a lot harder to come by) than the other big brands. I didn't care - the results I achieved were fantastic and I was (and still am) more than happy to pay extra for it.

That does not mean however, that I'm willing to pay the (often) outrageous prices that float around Evilbay etc - more often often than not, outright price gouging!!. Give me a fair price, for a good product and I'll buy it - try to rip me off, and I'll ignore you, and shop elsewhere.

Companies go into business to make money - that is a given, and yes, "boutique" products do attract a premium - but there's a difference between a fair premium and ripping the customer off. I'd rather pay a little more and see it remain available, than expect it to be priced under it's fair-market value, and see it disappear forever.

Lets face it, film photography is now a "niche" market, and we are extremely lucky to have companies like Ilford (Simon) and Adox (Mirko) who can see the potential in keeping it alive for years to come - but that does come at a (premium) cost, otherwise they'll end up falling by the wayside and we won't have any supplies (or only have one company who charges like a wounded bull!) to look forward to.

It makes perfect business sense to remove *any* product from the shelf, if it costs more to produce than they make in return - no matter how much we want it to remain.

Maybe that's the way it will end up - only a few *niche* companies making film products, that will attract a premium price, but at least we will be happy that we can still shoot film. Otherwise it will, quite probably, become a thing of the past that we will only be able to reminisce over as we flip through our neg sleeves and contact sheets.