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Acros100 for example, shoot it on 35mm, then 120, then we go to use 4x5 and it's twice the price of everything else in the same family, it makes no sense, at least none that we can think of. Is the price from 120 deferred to 4x5 in a market they assume can handle the difference? keeping costs down on the 120 versions? or is there some extreme extra waste associated with producing it in 4x5 that bumps up the cost to double?
AFAIK sheet film is usually coated on a different film base than 135 and 120 films, which means you can't just coat one master roll and divide it into 135, 120 and 4x5. If the sheet film market is smaller than the 135 market higher prices for sheet film are to be expected, as the overhead is probably about the same per master roll but fewer customers to split the cost on.

(This is just speculation from reading PE's tales of film manufacturing, I don't actually know if this is the reason for higher cost of sheet film.)