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AFAIK sheet film is usually coated on a different film base than 135 and 120 films, which means you can't just coat one master roll and divide it into 135, 120 and 4x5. If the sheet film market is smaller than the 135 market higher prices for sheet film are to be expected, as the overhead is probably about the same per master roll but fewer customers to split the cost on.

(This is just speculation from reading PE's tales of film manufacturing, I don't actually know if this is the reason for higher cost of sheet film.)
That would make sense... that would also explain why the Rollei IR400 film seems more even when it goes to 4x5 size because it's flimsy as hell because it's not coated on a thicker base and probably is all from the same master roll... that's all an assumption I don't feel like researching it lol, but it would make sense.

Still, a thicker base material isn't THAT much more, and fuji is not a tiny company, and the film sells at a higher rate so it shouldn't be such a difference even if it's a different base. Meh, I just want them to keep it around and keep it at a reasonable price... I know, it's one or the other, but still ...