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BW400CN is capable of great results but is orange masked to print better on RA4 paper in automated machines. XP2 Super is a fantastic film without the masking, to print more easily on regular black and white paper.


There is a professional Tri-X, TXP 320, P for Professional, now available only in sheets but previously available in 120 though no more. It's a great film but quite different from TXT 400.
Right because LF is a professional format and medium format are professional formats, I don't think TXP320 was ever offered in 35mm hehe (guys I'm totally messing around don't take this part seriously). but the fact that Trix pan professional came in 120 at one time and in LF as well even now, indicates that THAT is the professional version of tri-x remember it's tri x pan PROFESSIONAL regular tri-x on the drugstore shelf isn't as fine grained as the pan professional stuff. Heck i've compared some pan professional stuff from before the reformulation to the new 400TX stuff and it's still finer grained than the new stuff (marginally but still) so anyway my point is made, Tri-x (400TX) is the NON-professional version and the TXP320 is the Professional version...