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Agreed, however, I will say I do hope somehow that Velvia and Provia survive, I am drawn to their over saturation. I love them for long exposure sky work. If the Ferrania stuff is sort of muted, I might be a little disappointed, or if its very mucky grain, but I think with todays technology even a smaller plant could produce some nice stuff. Though now that I'm in the LF world, I think the most impressive thing is to sell a print with a massive 4x5 sheet, massive not to LF guys it's "small" but to most people, seeing a 4x5 transparency on a light box just blows their mind.
I love Velvia and Provia too, loved Astia even more, and I hope that Fuji will keep alive as many slide films as possible. Nobody (but the company accountants probably) knows how things will evolve. What the reemergence of Ferrania might show is that to some, which have a more hands on perspective, slide manufacturing looks like a viable business perspective. So it should be to Fuji, unless the overcapacity problem is more important than we think (well, you might add to that various factors such as differnet labor costs or the exchange rate which have nothing to do with market size).