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If they have the tools, they should IMHO make up a batch and try selling it in the normal channels at the same price (per length) as 120. Maybe a couple different (and slower) emulsions. That way, I suspect they'd maybe get the volume to make the tools worth running.

Doing tiny hand-packed one-off batches guarantees higher prices than the market will bear, which pretty much means the capital cost of the cutting/punching tools will be wasted.

But then, Ilford are doing pretty damn good without my advice already.
This is the ULF run, they've done the numbers and its not worth making more that's why they have the ULF special order, they only added roll film as a courtesy, if it weren't for my bugging they wouldn't even have offered 70mm at all. It wasn't offered in the past...

So they are doing what they can to help us. They can't make every format, and as it stands they only JUS got enough orders, sure it might be cheaper if they made more, but they would need a LOT more to cover the amount needed for profit and the market isn't there...

Anyway, BUMP!!! Last chance for anyone to email an order!!! 2 hours or so before she comes into work and checks her email!!!

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