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One more food for thought. I sit here typing on my Foxconn phone....I mean iPhone.

I believe 99% of the parts are Chineese made and the phone was assembled in China at a company called Foxconn, who Apple, an American company, contracts with to manufacture the phone.

What if, Apple has the same components, that I belive are 99% Chineese, sent to the US and the phone is assembled in the US. The country of manufacture is therefore the US

Anyway....I think this might happen in film. It could be coated at say Foma and cut/boxed (aka confectioned) in Germany. Same thing...

Now the difference is that when you buy OEM parts of a iPhone, lets say you break the glass and you want to swap it out (as I've done too many times to count).....the OEM part will say made in China.

That transparency doesn't exist with film...

Is this odd to some?

I once saw a documentary that said a major % of a Leica M7 is pre-assembled in Pourtugal and then assembled in Solms Germany. So can you get OEM parts of a M7 and find out that this was the case?

Is this a German-thing? Or a EU thing? I don't understand all this obfuscation...

Look, anyone who knows me knows I love ADOX and their films/chems and service - I am a diehard Adonal user!
Love Adox Adonal I would be curious about their APX400, I have one roll left from highshool of the original stuff.

So I can compare

Usually it says made in china, ASSEMBLED in the USA...

And you can tell by the edge marking "font" where film comes from... They never change that just what's written, so that's easy to tell.

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