I have the standard version of the camera, with the 90mm lens and I think its terrific. It's rugged, solid and no frills in a way that's going to last forever. Both lenses are very sharp and a 6x9 negative is substantially easier to work with than a 35mm.
Somebody once described the camera as everybody's second favorite camera and that's pretty high praise, when you think about it.
I only have two complaints about it:
1. the shutter fires with an annoying ping.
2. the viewfinder seems to get moisture (from rain) inside more easily than other rangefinders I've used. but it dries out quickly with no ill effect.

the shutter is very accurate and linear up to the top speed of 1/500 which is about a half stop slow (more like 1/350).

Congratulations on your purchase. you'll be glad you went for it when you compare your transparencies to the equivalent 35mm slide.
Take care,