Ebay 251062344308 just arrived; it's sold as a Red LED in E27 base; 85-265V 3W, absolutely no markings on the case or packaging. Has cheap-looking metallic fins up the sides of it and a hemispherical opaque white dome; I think it's meant to look a little like one of the premium very-high-power bulbs that have the fins there for heatsinking.

The surprise: it's actually an RGB LED and comes with an IR remote control that allows you to set the colour or colour-cycling/flashing modes as well as dim it! For $4 shipped. WTF.

The CD test is hard to do because the reflection of the light is pretty big, so the spectrum doesn't separate well. But it definitely reaches up into red/green territory a little.

The real failing of this bulb (for safelight use!) is that when powered up it goes into colour-cycle mode at full brightness and you MUST use the remote if you want it to stay on red. Construction is also horrific; you can see the PCB waving around inside the case supported only by a couple of wires.