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I see, interesting. But wouldn't the pattern in my example suggest that it is a little more than just a larger than 24x36 mask in play here? Considering that you can see the edge of the film, then a white border, and then a black border?
Dirty borders also prove that you are stubborn... I use them and cannot escape their tyranny... I just can't imagine looking at a print of one of my negatives - without seeing the entire negative. For me it is like seeing the print in person. I have to see it all. For me there is no choice, save yourself.

Since I must use dirty borders, I can tell you what's happening.

It's reflections.

If you paint the edge of the filed negative carrier black, you will still reflect a fair amount of light from the cut-edge of the top and bottom of the negative carrier.

When you don't paint the edges, then you get MORE reflections. These reflections can shoot out and inside the edge of the negative. So you may see echo images of negatives near the border... Or maybe a black/white/black effect.

It all depends on the cut and the finishing of the negative carrier opening.