[QUOTE=StoneNYC;1527230]OT: was the GAF film not properly cleared and has just gotten fogged or something else? I've only used B&W GAF was there also color? I love shooting this old stock of GAF that I have and it would be good to know now if something about it won't hold up... haha. Thanks.

Some were processed by GAF, some I processed myself, I have bulk rolls of frozen GAF 100 and 200 with 4 16oz kits, I had forgotten how may steps, including reexposure, the GAF system used until I shot a few rolls and need to process. GAF was more like E 4.

I looked at my 3M slides last night, sorry I cant scan, but they are just as they were the day I shot them, very clean, good grain, I have both 100 and 400, I dont recall the 3200.