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Definitely experiencing a big dip right now. Not taking photos or making prints. I completely lack any kind of inspiration, I'll think of a shot and then go "no, that'll just be boring" and when I look at my negatives to make prints I see only bad work. Instead I spend too much time looking at gear on eBay. All the while I'm trying to find my "style" as a photographer. Feels kind of bad, hopefully I'll get out of it soon enough.
Last time I went through this, I just went out and photographed anyway. Then I proceeded to print every frame on a roll of film, whether I thought they would turn out or not; I did my very best with each frame.
Then I shot another roll, of random things, and eventually figured out that I really wanted to do night time photography on tripod, like urban landscapes, and then during the day my passion is to photograph people. Not every single person, but those who I feel connected with.

Eventually things loosen up, and you'll find yourself knee deep in a project again. Keep at it, grab your camera and go shoot. Take those pictures that you think would be boring; the practice will do your photography senses good, and before you know it, the subject matter will come to you.