Thanks to a link that one of you posted (repeated here
this was for a product made for the purpose. This product is to be used at 340 degrees F. All of a sudden, 212 degrees pales in comparison on the possibility of lens fracture. I had my buddy stop by after work and I explained my options. I have the go-ahead to try the water boiling. If it does not work, our agreed logic is that it might work well enough to go back to the solvent method with better effectiveness. Because right now, 2 days in Acetone has done nothing. Being the stubborn man, he refuses to believe that it could take a whole month in MEK. Hell, I can't get him to believe in the principle of the double-boiler. He refuses to believe that an ordinary metal cookpot can be brought to a boil in a bigger cookpot of boiling water. Of course it can.