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...given that UK Poundland can sell Kodak and Agfa 35mm color neg at 1 per roll (= $1.50 ) presumably at a worthwhile profit, it would seem there would be a reasonable return.
The Poundland stock will almost certainly have been sold at a loss to the manufacturer, (Agfa is rebranded Fujicolor 200). It was only available because, presumably, Agfa want out of colour print film and needed to dispose of the remainder to free up expensive storage space. When the supply of 36 exposure film runs out, as it seems to have already done, it's most unlikely we'll see any more. There are a few 24 exposure films left and when that's gone, I'd bet on that being it for cheap film. Poundland will be making a healthy profit but film isn't core business to them, they've simply seen a temporary opportunity.

Ilford would be crazy to get into colour film. If it's not profitable for a company like Fuji who have the infrastructure, expertise and manpower in place, it certainly isn't going to be viable for a profit driven company like Harman Ilford to build from scratch. It's more likely that colour negative stock will disappear completely if the current producers pull out. The best chance for its survival is if an operation like Lomography guarantee substantial orders to keep production rolling. An Impossible Project style operation on colour negative film is exceedingly unlikely because of the scale of investment required. All in all, it's not looking good for colour negative or positive film in the medium to long term.