profit on a $1 film, then Kodak and Fuji are certainly price gouging the market...
I don't know about price gouging. They do have to make a buck. I suppose they figure with the actual Kodak name on it it's worth a little more.

I can buy a 135 roll of Ektar for $4.99. Kodak 400 is $2.09. A 4 roll package of Fuji 200 is $6.99. That's not expensive and it's not rebranded.

TMax 400 is $4.95. OK ADOX Silvermax is $7.99. But that's a specialty film and it's still not expensive.

Most of Fuji's color negative films ARE outrageous - unless you're buying the generic stuff at Walmart. Portra 400 at $40 for a 5 pack is expensive.

As far as buying Kodak film at Poundland, it would be great to find Kodak film available on the shelf anywhere in my area at a decent price.*

(Kodak and Fuji prices from Amazon, except Fuji prices from Walmart. Adox pricing from Freestyle)

* Yes, I know, CVS sells Kodak films but their pricing is absurd.