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Tri-X 400 (as it has evolved over the years) has had more shots taken on it by professional photographers for professional uses than any other film you could possibly buy new today.

It may not be the most popular film now for professional use (although I wouldn't be surprised if its numbers are still very high) but it is certainly of professional calibre, marketed to professionals and used by professionals.

And with respect to the rest of this thread, and the discussions about price, everyone here seems to be ignoring one important fact.

There is no longer anything resembling a rational distribution system for Kodak materials and, to a great extent, it is the distribution system that determines the price that consumers pay.
Ok I give up on the Tri-X ok haha.

But I wasn't complaining about their B&W film, only color. Though both Fuji and Kodak's B&W sheet film is double everyone else's B&W film and I don't know how that equates to distribution since the B&W in 120 or 35mm is distributed by the same trucks or whatever, how can Ilford, Foma, and the rest sell sheet film at a lower cost that's more equal to 120 but Kodak and Fuji have to double or triple theirs?

Anyway, I bet that this new APX in sheet film will be a reasonable price and I'll use it

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