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I wish more film buyers would realize this and be more willing to spend realistic money for their film. Film photography should be important enough for photographers to give up something else in their lives in order to be able to pay fairly for the film, paper and chemistry they want. In doing so they would also help assure the future availability of these products.


I totally agree with Ken's statement above. Pay for the damn film and keep profit in the business!

But in an off topic rant here, why do people here continually use the word chemistry in place of the word chemicals?? This annoys me to no end! (I know, 1st world problem!)

I have been a professional chemist for 20 years and NOT ONCE during that time, nor at any time during my 4 years of undergraduate to get my Chem degree nor at all during my graduate education have I ever heard the word chemistry used as it is in the photography world (in place of the word chemical or chemicals).

I can only speculate that this is a corruption by non chemists. Or perhaps the word chemical is scary to the non chemist? Implying something more dangerous?