I recently moved from a house with a nice darkroom in the basement to an apartment where I am converting one of the bedrooms into a darkroom / guestroom. The basement darkroom was pretty dust free and I could hang negatives to dry out in the open and never had a problem with dust spots on my prints. The apartment is a completely different matter, dust everywhere. Don't know where it comes from but there is a significant amount of dust on the equipment one week after cleaning. One problem seems to be the furnace filter. Looked like it was never changed when we moved in, and I have been changing frequently to try and improve matters. It helps, but not a lot. I should also mention that I have 2 cats that add their fur to the room.

Once my son returns to college in the fall, I plan on bringing the darkroom fully on-line, and was wondering if any of you have had a similar solution and how you dealt with it. One thing I will do is a thorough cleaning, then keep the door closed to the room and install some sort of filter on the heating / AC duct running into the room. Not sure if a simple furnace type filter is a good idea as I don't want to significantly restrict the heat / cool air coming through the duct. The other thing I was wondering about is an in-room dust reduction filter (something with a fan) to further reduce the dust. Have any of you tried these and if so, could you recommend a good unit. Any other things I should consider?

Your help is greatly appreciated.