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I totally agree with Ken's statement above. Pay for the damn film and keep profit in the business!

But in an off topic rant here, why do people here continually use the word chemistry in place of the word chemicals?? This annoys me to no end! (I know, 1st world problem!)

I have been a professional chemist for 20 years and NOT ONCE during that time, nor at any time during my 4 years of undergraduate to get my Chem degree nor at all during my graduate education have I ever heard the word chemistry used as it is in the photography world (in place of the word chemical or chemicals).

I can only speculate that this is a corruption by non chemists. Or perhaps the word chemical is scary to the non chemist? Implying something more dangerous?
Yea it's collective of the film photography world, you're right it goes back to non-chemists, it's the same for a lot of things in the film and movie industry world, the head electrician on a movie set is called a "Gaffer", and the second in command is called the "Best Boy" this goes back to a time when electricity didn't exist and you lit the movie lights with a gaffing stick which was a very long stick used to light the oil street lamps on the street in city areas every night and the best boy was the best apprentice, who then was always a boy.

Chemistry is the same thing in photography, just like Hypo, isn't really hypo, which is why it's now called fixer... that one got corrected at least partially... even though the hypo-clear is still called hypo-clear instead of fixer-clear haha

Anyway there's lots of crazy confusing terms in photography that aren't correct, but it's sort of what happens when you spend your life in a dark room sniffing CHEMICALS, they all become CHEMISTRY to you