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Stone, keep in mind that the price you pay at a brick & mortar or online store for the Kodak or Fuji brand includes overhead for the retailer, plus they need a little profit. Typically retailers like this operate at a higher expense than the dollar stores.

Also, when film is "rebranded" for a "dollar" or "pound" store, Kodak or Fuji make less per unit than if they sold to Freestyle or B&H. However, they get a contract for a very large volume, which helps make up for the loss.
I understand how that works in general, the concept. But that's a HUGE profit difference not a small one. Also like ilford says they pulled out of that because we all know what it really is, so it does take away from the big boys. I'm not talking about films like "shaws brand" which surely is crappy fuji superia or gold or something, I'm talking about Portra400 and Ektar100 type films, (or in the easy case of Arista, Tri-X) Anyway we're WAY off topic here so lets get back on track with color film discussion from ilford, which IMO I think for now they should stay out of it completely, there's still too much competition. I really do wish they would consider buying the fuji machines and patents for Velvia50/100 and Provia100f and Astia when Fuji finally shuts down its E-6 line, then they would own the market on E-6 and could produce papers again and have no competition at all. If they do any color at all, I really think that should be it, there was a time it didn't work because C-41 took over and RA4 papers were cheaper to make etc, but I think by the time Fuji shuts it down, the market will be good for a comeback of chemically produced high quality images that are sustainable for lifetimes...