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My co-workers are convinced I'm nuts. But out in public, people's attitudes change as the camera gets bigger and weirder. Carrying a 35mm slr, I'm a dinosaur or luddite, hopelessly behind the times. If it's the Zeiss folder, I'm an eccentric curiosity or antique collector. But when the beastly Mamiya tlr is in play, I'm a serious photographer, engaged in serious photography. I can't wait to see what happens when the Cambo 4x5, with all its knobs and levers, finally greets the public.

I am starting to wonder if, with the rise of phone cameras, dslr shooters are starting to get looks.
I have had this before - walking around with something like a Bronica SQA usually is greeted with remarks of "are you a professional", or "what magazine are you covering this for..."

But, I have to admit I get plenty of curious comments when I use something like the Koni-Omega. Problem is, if I have it out, as sad as it sounds, it is generally just for s..ts and giggles and I am not really using it overly seriously.