Mamiya rb67/70 back does not go onto hasselblad but with adapter to rz.
2. ilford will offer standard 30.5m rolls. 17m/50 feet) is for 35mm films.
They would rather offer 120/61.5mm long roll films so we could produce our own 220. or running long-roll 220(longer than 172cm-220-lenght) in roundshot. ok we can cut down 70mm unperforated.or expose in 70mm back and cut-down after shooting. or develop with the 70mm-reel-special-solution we described elsewhere.
for that price(pls confirm) one could buy agfa avicolor x100 or x400 (i am sure they have UP also) and cut down to 61.5mm/120 to get it developped in the lab.
avicolor x-versions have no mask, are most ideal for b+w and scannning. push and pull should also be no problem(colors are preserved). they have more color advantages.