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Even a projected 135 format slide looks better than the pathetic 1920x1040 resolution of HDTV! Digital projection is about 2Megapixels, cameras have had 8Megapixels since 2004, now they have 20Megapixels and the projection technology can't even deal with 2004 technology. Hearing gasps of amazement from viewers who see medium format slides right after 135 format slides, which stand heads and shoulders better than 135 lets you appreciate the pathetic state of digital projection and LED displays.
I used to be a member of St. Louis Camera Club back in the 1980's. They would project 35mm slides for critique at meetings. Every once in a while they would show a super slide taken with a medium format camera. The crowd would be amazed. Now I don't know the dimensions of a super slide but at the time I was told it was smaller than a full medium format image.

Today the club has gone digital and they now use a digital projector. My, how far we have come since the mid 1980's.