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Speaking of film prices, yesterday I went into Freestyle to pick up more Fuji Acros in the 120 five roll pack. I was not prepared for the price increase; I thought it had already taken effect previously. Prices jumped up for 135 as well. So now I find myself once again trying to convince myself to stay with film even though the prices are at a point where it just doesn't make sense for me. I'm just a working class guy living paycheck to paycheck. As prices have risen over the past few years I had to make adjustments; I no longer shoot Delta 3200, I gave up on Adox/Efke because the spotty QC didn't justify their prices even though I loved the look these films produce. I tried to simply shoot less, but that didn't work out. I'm shooting more now then in years previously; I'm shooting about 65-75 rolls a month combined 120 and 135. I even gave Freestyles Arista.Edu line a try and although I didn't like the results I got in 135, the 120 size fed through my RZ67 blew me away! Amazing sharpness and great tonality. I bought 100 rolls and shot about 50 before I noticed some scratches on the face of a portrait. Further issues appeared in the way of splotchy highlights. So I gave up on Arista/ Foma. So I felt good that Fuji could always be counted on for stellar QC at a affordable price point. From what I've read, what they make in profit in their other products is what keeps their film division on life support. Now that their prices are no longer affordable for me, once I use up what I have in my freezer I'll have to look for alternatives. I want to stay with film for as long as I can, but I may have to switch to digital unless prices start coming down a bit or the QC from some of the smaller companies improves.
Holy crap that's a lot of film a month... I shoot about 4 rolls a month.

What do you do with all the images if you're making that many photos you should be getting something worth selling? Maybe you can use the images to fund your further use of film?

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