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I a specific question about exposure/fill.

I guess this is more of a style thing but in another forum someone commented that my exposure is bad and that I needed to use fill via reflector or flash. I think that my exposure is fine as I get enough shadow detail but something like fill I would consider.

Ofcourse this is more of a style and personal choice but is anyone put off by this?

I'm thinking of using a reflector and/or flash for for under harsh conditions like the last image and images like this:

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Well I'll have to play around with it, but I worry that using artificial lighting to fill might make things look unnatural...but the trick might be in the skill of lighting.
Her outfit barely has detail on the top, but turns to a wedge of black towards the bottom. You could have exposed for her face, and controlled the highlights either through development or burning looks like the exposure was just an average of the whole scene. In this case, a reflector would have helped; especially to soften the harsh shadow that is distractingly slashing down her neck and shoulders. The shadows are blatantly obvious if you shoot in mid-day sun, so use them to help your composition; otherwise, grab a coffee and wait for the sun to soften or clouds to roll in. Just my two cents on this one.