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The optimist in me says that it's because it gets them bigger exposure to a global audience.
The cynic in me thinks its so that they are under no obligation to deliver the lens if they feel better keeping the 100 grand.

*Remember that Lomochrome Purple was "guaranteed" to be delivered by July. They have 6 days to go.
It's also an easy way to get your customers to pay upfront - even before you've produced anything ....
And at the moment they also get:
- 30 backers buying a keychain for $15
- 2 backers buying a poster and keychain for $50
- 26 backers buying a Diana Mini Petite camera and keychain for $79
- 105 backers buying a black painted lens for $500
- and quite a lot of other people of other people buying the lens for 300, $350, $400 and even $500.
Total up to now: 1253 backers spending $477.840 on a plastic/brass/??? lens

So I think they're doing all right with this project: producing a nice new lens at no risk- business plan. Smart guys.