I've been shooting about 15-20 rolls a week on my days off. I do my own developing and printing. I'm a street shooter so that explains the high volume. I set out early morning and finish up by late afternoon. On days where I shoot at a parade or political rally it's not uncommon for me to shoot many more. I shot about 40 rolls of 135 Acros at the May Day march and about the same number of 120 rolls at the Long Beach Gay Pride parade also last may, I recently took pictures at a Trayvon Martin rally etc. So yes, I do shoot an awful lot and I don't want to shoot less, I want to shoot more; there is so much happening these days. Given the fact that I live in LA which has a high cost of living, high taxes and so fourth, it's my photography that I have to make cuts to help even out my expenses. If anything else, I'll just limit myself to Kentmere 100 in 135 until the markets and economies stabilize and I can start shooting to my hearts content without wondering if I'll have enough to pay my electric bill at the end of the month. Hey, if I don't I'll at least have a 24 hour home darkroom lol! Happy shooting everyone.