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I think my point was that there is a difference between "bankrupt stock" shops and the Poundland business model (not unlike the Lidl/Aldi model).
I agree. My observations are based on what seems to have happened with Poundland film. First there was Kodacolor 36exp, then 24exp of which no more has been seen. Then the same with Agfa Vista, of which some shops still have 24 exposure rolls in stock. At the speed the 36 exposure rolls sold, internet buzz and the speed it reappeared on auction sites, many people were left wanting. If Poundland could get their hands on 1 film easily, it would have been one of their best selling lines. The fact none has re-appeared suggests it was a one-off purchase.

Maybe if another few hundred thousand Brand-X turn up in a warehouse somewhere it'll end up on Poundland's shelves, but I think it's overstocks and will appear on a sporadic basis, if at all. Fine for bulk buying and filling the freezer, but not a model I'd like to base my film purchasing on.