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The "Can you still buy film for that?" remarks I find particularly hilarious. No, lady, I'm just carrying around this obsolete chunk of metal and glass just for the heck of it.

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This usually happens when I'm wearing my Rolleiflex around my neck. When I hear that and I'm in a puckish mood, I respond, "No, I'm actually Flavor Flav's illegitimate half-brother, and this is how I rock my bling". If I'm in a good mood, I just tell them "yes, I can buy film locally at Calumet Photo down on E Street, and I can get the color film developed there. I do my own black and white processing".

I once had a schmuck ever so full of himself with his APS-C sensored Nikon D600 or somesuch come up to me while I was out shooting with my 8x10. He sneered, "but I can shoot 500 pictures without having to change memory cards. Why do you use something like that?". I responded, "One: I don't need to take 500 shots to get a good one. Two: I print my images using antique processes - I want a negative this big. I CHOOSE to use this technology because it does what I WANT". Then he said something about resolution - his camera was maybe 10-12 megapixels. I replied "If I scan this negative, this is about 500 MEGAPIXELS. If I have it drum scanned at a lab, over a GIGAPIXEL" as the shit-eating grin migrated from his face to mine, he tucked tail between his legs, and slunk away quietly. Apparently he was measuring his manhood as a factor of quantity not quality. He was the rare exception though when I'm out using large format gear. Almost everyone has been very fascinated by and appreciative of the cameras.

But I'm still baffled by the "can you still get film for that" question - what kind of psychotic idiot do you take me for that I would be out using the camera if I couldn't actually make an image with it?