Well, the most devastating remark I've had while photographing was back when all there was was film, sometime like 1969 or something like that, when I was around 17 or something. I'd taken a Samsonite briefcase and put foam in it so I could carry a camera and a couple of lenses, sort of a wannabe Halliburton. And I'd invited my friend's sister, whom I sort of had ideas about, to go to San Francisco for a visit. So there I was, with this girl, hauling around this hard-side briefcase, when two young women in their early twenties saw me (and the girl), and one remarked loudly, "Oh, look! How cute -- he's running away from home!" Crushed, absolutely crushed, in front of this girl I was anxious to impress. I'll admit in retrospect, I probably did look like an absolute dork.