Hey guys,

Trying to make the best educated choice here.

I recently got a 4x5 and really want to continue shooting Velvia50, and I enjoy panoramics so the only option is a 6x12 back. I don't even know if they make a graflock version, but I know about at least the two in the title.

So the Cambo seems to make more sense, it slides in like a sheet film holder and you don't have to take the ground glass off, but the Horsemen seems more expensive, marginally, but still, is there any reason to choose the horseman over the Cambo?

And anyone willing to sell theirs cheap? Haha the prices are silly, the backs cost as much as my camera, sometimes more than my camera, that I can't really justify.

So yea, what are the benefits and drawbacks of each? Thanks!

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