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I hope I don't sound like I'm being cheap because I don't think that I am. I'm just trying to be smart with my spending given my modest income and the high cost of living area I'm in. If I were simply being cheap then I would use the off brand films like Lucky and just accept the flaws as a part of using a cheaply made and sold film. However, I don't want to compromise quality so that's why I want to stay a customer of Ilford, Fuji and Kodak even though it's frustrating when prices go up because it makes one feel that there isn't much other choice.
One way to cut your costs is to use the bulk rolls of 35mm that are available. You can really pick up bulk rolls very cheaply if you get the short dated stuff. I got some short dated bulk rolls of FP4+ for $35, shipping included from Isreal a couple months ago. I got them in June and the expire date was July, but in the freezer they don't age. I'm enjoying the process of making my own rolls, I feel like I am a lot more involved in the photography process.