Almost the last piece of under-used hardware in my rapidly-shrinking arsenal of photo equipment is the Aristo Cold Light Head from my Omega D2 enlarger. This head is labeled V54 and I assume the lamp that's in the head is the V54 lamp (see the pictures).


The only problems are some slight fraying of one cord on top of the head where the cord goes in (you can see it in the fourth picture), and some wear around the base of the D2 adapter ring. The plexiglass diffusion panel is fine and the lamp does power up. I'm turning the D2 it came from into a parts donor for other enlargers on our school darkroom.

I'm not sure how to price this so I'll start at $100 plus shipping anywhere in the US (no overseas shipping, please). PayPal, check, money order, or cash. I will pack this very carefully!