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Speaking of film prices, yesterday I went into Freestyle to pick up more Fuji Acros in the 120 five roll pack. I was not prepared for the price increase; I thought it had already taken effect previously. Prices jumped up for 135 as well. So now I find myself once again trying to convince myself to stay with film even though the prices are at a point where it just doesn't make sense for me.
I put together 8 rolls of film for a trip using only $10.00 cash a few weeks ago. OK I cheated a bit. But I pulled it off.

One roll of film from my favorite store. That took care of my money.

Rolled four from a bulk roll (of APX-100), took one roll of Panatomic-X out of the freezer and already had 3 rolls of TMY-2 on hand.

Bulk film is a great plan, as madgardener already pointed out.