As Fotch said, they don't make Velvia50 in 4x5 anymore but they do in 120 which is why I want one for panoramics.

I have a Toyo45a it seems pretty sturdy and I only have a 70mm graflex back to compare, which is like a horseman as far as I can tell, but I would much rather not have to remove the GG every time I want to take a picture if I can help it.

The toyo has a lock down so it should hold the holder in without light leak issues, and it's a later model so it has the revolving back of the 45aII version.

I don't care about the weight much, I go to the gym regularly.

I do care about film flatness.

So calmut and cambo are the same? Are there other brands that slip in like a holder besides these?

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