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You still have Panatomic-X!! I love that film! I've only been able to shoot a few rolls but I would use that over TMY-2 any day!

I have most of a 100-foot bulk roll of 35mm Panatomic-X in the back of the fridge. It has an expiration date of September, 1963. Two months before Jack Kennedy was assassinated.

I'm not the original owner, and I have no idea how it was stored over those years. Except that the person I directly got it from told me it had been kept outside in a rural barn along with some long unused old darkroom equipment. Given that, I suppose keeping it in a fridge now is probably a bit silly.

I did once spool up a 12-frame roll for some non-scientific testing. Except for some light-struck edges, it exposed and developed out just fine. The edges probably meant that the metal can was not completely sealed light-tight over the years.

Those old slow speed b&w films sometimes seem like they can last forever.