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All industrial perforators of the last decades include edge marking.
Wiitner even use a very versatile marking technology.
It looks like its written by a laser of some sort, quite neat that it can be custom marked etc!
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The film from Wittner-Cinetec really looks good, and....Edge and frame number markings? Wittner Chrome 200D in 35mm is now a trusted brand in E-6 color slide film!

I wonder if anyone has purchased recent stocks of Rollei CR-200 from the usual dealers and tried it? Hopefully it ain't Yellow.......

People may be a bit apprehensive about CR-200 purchases after what has happened on this thread
Hopefully not anymore!
Lets get shooting and start a flickr group under the name of Wittner chrome perhaps?
If we promote this film enough, it should encourage people to shoot it!
I like this film and i will probably will shoot it alongside provia when all my kodak stock runs out.
Although ive found another source of frozen elitechrome 100 thats cheap and that will probably last me a while if i buy more of it, but thats not going to help keep the film industry going by shooting dead products.