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Indeed, that's a solid camera. So the only other potential problem I can think of is if there's something about the back design that obstructs the slide-in holders from going all the way in. Unlikely with the Toyo, I would think, but try to buy with a return privilege if at all possible.

The 6x12 slide-ins are the Cambo/Calumet C2N and the Sinar Panorama / Vario / Zoom / Zoom2. The Panorama is 6x12 only, while the Vario / Zoom / Zoom2 are variable-format, IIRC they have settings for 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7, 6x9 and 6x12 - perhaps David can confirm.
Thanks, well I was able to slide the Polaroid 545 as well as the very old graflex pack film adapter (from the 1950's?) behind the GG with the swing out feature without any issue and release it to add pressure from the springs in the swing out (I'm calling things by the wrong name, sorry I'm but sure what all the names are).

Well I would prefer something sturdy to something cheap china plastic if possible, I'm willing to wait for a good deal (like how I got the toyo45a with rotating back, both PA-45 and PA-145 backs and linhof lens board adapter for $700 which included shipping).

So of those, which are known to be the most sturdy, and flat. I probably won't need the other size options but you never know of course... I would take the other size options if the back is a better choice.


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