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I sometimes wonder if people in Australia and New Zealand and such places laugh at the rest of the Anglo and European world who have visions of Santa Claus, sleigh bells, and winter wonderland, and the like at Christmas. At Christmas, people in Australia are sweating like pigs and fighting mosquito bites (presumably).
Australians don't sweat like pigs, we just glow....

Another forecast from Adelaide - yesterday was a beautiful Sunny winters day (I love it when the Sun shines in the middle of winter) with a top of 18 deg C (64 for those of you who still persist in using the antiquated temp measurement units). Today looks decisively crappy - still expected to get 17 C (62), but its very overcast and the wind feels rather brisk.

The oddest thing happened last weekend, though...we actually got snow in a few selected areas around Adelaide. Where I live we got some really wet sleet, but it was no where close to being cold enough for it to sit on the ground for more then a second or so. This is the first time I have ever known to get frozen non hail precipitation at my house.