I'd first like to say hello, since this is my first time posting at apug!

I don't mean to be a boob but my first contribution to the forum is a call for help. My dilemma involves my exploration into the field of enlarging. I am an architecture student, so I don't have any formal learning experience with photography. (I've picked it up as a general hobby) I've been shooting b&w 35mm and 4x5 with a few cameras I found at a local flea market and I've been developing myself using a paterson tank and chemicals off of bhphoto but this is really my first time trying to enlarge.

I need your help.

First thing's first, I have a Saunders LPL 4550 XLG VCCE Enlarger in my possession. It is new, never used. This will be the first time it is being unboxed.
What I need from you is suggestions about additional supplies I'll be needing, including lenses and other parts that I need in order to make the enlarger functional. Second, I would also really appreciate some guidance on where to start. Instructions are great, and if someone knows of any tutorials or guides, these would also be much appreciated.

I realize that this is really a bloody lame post, but I urge you to help me so that I can mature and join your more interesting conversations.

Your help is much appreciated!