You could have a look through the material linked on the IlfordPhoto website, here. These are good 'getting-started' style instructions and are certainly not limited to the use of Ilford products.

Also bear in mind that a lot of the bizarre 'instructional' videos seen on Youtube etc. are frequently not best-practice and are often based on no more than a knowledge-free interpretation of what someone once mentioned in a Flickr chatgroup.

The trick to repeatability and controllability of results, is consistency (accompanied by notes on what, precisely, you did). Consistently follow the information from Ilford (or Kodak, or Agfa etc.) as though you are making a cake and the results will speak for themselves.

For 135 film, the standard enlarger-lens focal length is 50mm. Choosing whatever six-element lens you can find from a major manufacturer will work fine. It may actually be harder to find a decent enlarging easel than the lens! I'd suggest using fresh RC paper, rather than fibre-based paper, to start off with as the results, and hence feedback and improvement, will be much quicker to achieve. I mention 'fresh' paper as old, cut-price, badly stored paper (from a certain online auction site for example) will lose out in contrast and other qualities, so making your initial learning curve steeper than it needs to be.