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FYI I just got a big box of 35mm 400x from Unique Photo.
They had the best price I could find and the expiration date is Jan 2015.
They also sell Fuji Slide film Mailers that are processed by Dwayne's Photo.
I use a lot of them, I ordered 50 in early 2012 and they had an expiration date of 12-31-2013.
That was about a 2 year life span.
They were out of stock but Fuji just printed another batch with dates of 3-31-2014.
So it looks like Fuji will keep the contract with Dwayne's at least a little longer.
Question (2 actually)

1. With those mailers can you send more than one roll of film in each mailer?

And two, how much are they?

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